Fun workshops that make a real difference

  • Workshop material and facilitation techniques use neuroscience, educational psychology and pedagogy to make new information & attitude changes stick

  • Coaching and individualised development toolboxes tie in with your brand & business goals

  • Train-the-trainer sessions empower your your own training team to deliver and maintain effective sessions

The speaker is super ethical, down-to-earth and helpful. She gives many real life tips and good examples so we can understand better. I also like how she makes us to be active and involved.
— Phuong Nguyen, Marketing & Communication Executive, 98 Sparks
Excellent session from Sabine — has a unique, yet very easy to understand way of explaining things.
— Workshop participant, insurance company
Good pace — covered a lot of ground but it didn’t feel rushed
— Workshop participant, insurance company
I thought Sabine was great! Lovely to meet her and hope she can provide some further training in the future.
— Workshop participant, Not-for-Profit

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